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How to solve the problem of Vehicle Storage

Veröffentlichte Zeit : 2018-09-03 Vehicle storage solution Automotive Electronics
We provide Vehicle Storage Solution for those in need.These products are mainly used in 3D navigation systems, infotainment systems, driving recorders and other equipment, of which eMMC mainly provides system storage, while SD card mainly provides data storage.


The introduction of Product Features

Longsys SSD provides large-capacity storage for car wifi routers, which can store multimedia audio and video locally, improving user surfing experience;

High throughput: This refers to the high-speed read/write speed of eMMC. Due to the improved processing ability of the main control manufacturers such as SOC, it is hoped to display the ultimate image effect. Therefore, the storage hardware needs to have stable storage capacity and efficient storage speed;

Power-off protection algorithm: When the vehicle is in operation, the power supply voltage or the flame-out voltage may be unstable, resulting in an accidental power failure, which may cause damage to the data in the vehicle. Therefore, the power-off protection algorithm can be used to stably store data in a harsh voltage environment. For example, the driving recorder can capture the scene situation clearly and without error;

The product has a Smart interface, which can realize real-time life monitoring and early warning function to ensure the health of the product;

Auto Scan timely pre-replacement operation to reduce data corruption caused by long-term read operations;

The card used in the car supports up to 128GB and P/E Cycle up to 3000 times, which can meet the repeated writing operation of the driving recorder.

Vehicle storage solution framework

Application Domain
Vehicle storage device

Vehicle storage solution framework

Vehicle storage solution framework

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