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Based on TI AM3358 Wilink8 Wi-Fi / BT streaming music sharing solution

Veröffentlichte Zeit : 2020-04-16 AM3358 TI
This article tells you about AM3358 Wilink8 Wi-Fi / BT streaming music sharing solution based on TI, you just need to read it carefully.


This design solution uses Wi-Fi Multiroom streaming technology to easily play high-quality music through all devices in the wireless remote control area network. Users can use mobile phones / tablets to share audio files online in real time or connect to online music services to obtain high-quality music content.

Product entity diagram

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Solution block diagram

Core technical advantages

① A wireless multi-room audio reference design using TI Sitara AM335xBeagleboneBlack as its main core, combined with WiLink ™ 8 WL1837MOD audio Cape

②WiLink ™ 8 device supports capturing and registering the accurate arrival time of the connected AP signal via WLAN, so this function is used to achieve ultra-precise synchronization between multiple connected audio devices

③WiLink 8 Module (WL1837MOD) provides an integrated Wi-Fi® / Bluetooth / Bluetooth smart solution with 2.4GHz MIMO and 5GHz band antenna diversity

④ Provide best-in-class audio solutions, and support Airplay reception and support for online music services, etc.

Scheme specifications

①Realize ultra-precise audio multi-room synchronization between multiple speakers / Caps (<20μS)

②SDK supports rich online music services, UPnP, Airplay, audio receiver, GStreamer, etc.

③Wilink8 supports 2.4 GHz MIMO and 5 GHz diversity switching

④Wi-Fi® technology / Bluetooth (A2DP) / Bluetooth Smart (BLE) coexistence and Multi-Role AP / Station support

⑤Stereo ADC / DAC support


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