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    Implementation example: • Contai isolated physical layer for the DALI bus with a Cortex M0 LPC111x microcontroller for the DALI protocol handling, and many I/O functio to steer external lighting drive for solid state or compact fluorescent lighting applicatio • Schematics, gerbe and BOM also available to speed up development • Up to four PWM signals available to independently drive different lighting units • Frequency and resolution of the signals is software programmable • ON_OFF signal can be used independently from the PWM signals to switch a lighting driver into an OFF or ON state • I2C-bus pi can be used to externally connect other devices like EEPROM or a temperature seor • Analog A/D input is available via pin 8 • IO signal is left open for the end user • UART, I2C and A/D converter functionality not included in the software release
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    As a pioneer in developing numerous coumer electronic products, Toshiba has a deep undetanding of the coumer market and is able to quickly bring your market leading desig to life. -The Toshiba platform solutio are backed by the company's vast manufacturing and engineering resources and respoive technical and design support. -The Toshiba platform solutio can be readily customized for specific end companies by an ODM and are suitable for digital TV applicatio worldwide. -The platform supports U.S., European and Japanese TV standards (ATSC, DVB and ARIB). -Advanced technologies include a single-chip LCD TV controller, MPEG decode, frequency detection, auto synchronization and more.
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    Electric bikes are becoming an increasingly intriguing option for commute who live relatively close to work or for those looking for an alternative to the more expeive motorized optio. As battery and motor technology forges ahead, the speed and range of E-bikes are surging with it. The E-bike can use a variety of components based on the desired cost and complexity of the design.
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