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  • Größe: 138 Kb Veröffentlichungszeit: 2019-11-07
    There are two limitatio on the power handling ability of a traistor: average junction temperature and second breakdown. Safe operating area curves indicate IC − VCE limits of the traistor that must be observed for reliable operation, i.e., the traistor must not be subjected to greater dissipation than the curves indicate. The data of Figure 6 is based on TJ(pk) = 150°C; TC is variable depending on conditio. Second breakdown pulse limits are valid for duty cycles to 10% provided TJ(pk) < 150°C. TJ(pk) may be calculated from the data in Figure 5. At high case temperatures, thermal limitatio will reduce the power that can be handled to values less than the limitatio imposed by second breakdown
  • Größe: 218 Kb Veröffentlichungszeit: 2019-08-15
    Symmetric DSL Front End, 4/2/1 Channel PEF24624EV2.2-G SDFE-4, PEF 24624 E SDFE-2, PEF 22624 E SDFE-1, PEF 21624 E The SDFE-4/2/1 are the latest membe of Infineon’s 2nd generation SOCRATES® family of SHDSL traceive designed for pure TDM applicatio. The SDFE-4/2/1 features full compliance with the ETSI TS 101524 and the ITU G.991.2 (G.SHDSL/G.SHDSL.bis) standards. Advanced system functionality and cost saving features continue to provide significant low BOM advantages in the SOCRATES tradition. These features, in combination with an unprecedented power coumption of approximately 500 mW per channel, and a very small footprint, make the SDFE-4/2 excellent solutio for remote powered repeater desig.
  • Größe: 215 Kb Veröffentlichungszeit: 2018-12-26
    As a new-generation industry-specific SoC designed for the HD IP camera, Hi3519 V101 integrates a newgeneration ISP and uses the latest H.265 video compression encoder in the industry as well as advanced lowpower technology and architecture design. These features enable Hi3519 V101 to continuously maintain the leading position in the aspects of low bit rate, high picture quality, and low power coumption. Hi3519 V101 supports 90° or 270° rotation and le distortion correction by using hardware, which meet requirements in various surveillance application scenarios. It also supports 3A algorithms, which allow custome to design various models of IP cameras that contain integrated camera cores. Hi3519 V101 integrates the POR, RTC, and audio CODEC and supports various seor levels and clock outputs, which significantly reduces the EBOM cost of the HD IP camera based on Hi3519 V101. The Hi3519 V101 HiSilicon SDK features high stability and ease of use, supports rapid mass production, and facilitates system layout of DV, NV, and IP cameras.
  • Größe: 103 Kb Veröffentlichungszeit: 2018-11-09
    Manufacturer: VISHAYPackage: DIP2Description: Infrared (IR) Emitter 940nm 1.42V 100mA 32mWr @ 100mA 44° Radial
  • Größe: 226 Kb Veröffentlichungszeit: 2018-11-07
  • Größe: 64 Kb Veröffentlichungszeit: 2018-10-16
    Manufacturer: TI/MOTOROLAPackage: CAN-3Description: TRAISTOR, 30V, 0.05A, 0.45W Repetitive Peak Forward Current Itrm:6 A, Peak Emitter Current:50mA
  • Größe: 50 Kb Veröffentlichungszeit: 2017-03-08
    Manufacturer: OMOTOROLATPackage: TO-39Description: RF POWER TRAISTOR, NPN 30V 800MHZ,Collector Emitter Voltage V(br)ceo:30V, Traition Frequency ft:800MHz, Power Dissipation Pd:5W, Collector Current:400mA, DC Current Gain hFE:10hFE