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Manufacturer Introduction

Harwin has supplied superior electrical interconnects for over 60 years. Harwin′s global network of manufacturing, support centers, and distributors allow them to meet the specialist needs of the world interconnection market. Harwin connectors have a proven history in several applications, including Military and Aerospace.

Harwin's Mission

"To be a world leader in the design and manufacture of electrical connectors"

Harwin's Values

To train and develop a competent, efficient and team-oriented workforce.

To promote open and effective communications throughout the workforce.

To be a responsible employer, having due regard to the welfare and wellbeing of its employees and the community.

To carry out business in a responsible manner and to minimise the impact the company has on the environment (including meeting all local legislation).

To achieve and maintain a cost-effective and profitable business, to provide levels of return on investment.

Harwin's Products

Connectors & Hardware
High-Reliability Connectors
1.25mm pitch Hi-Rel
2mm/4mm pitch Hi-Rel
3mm pitch Hi-Rel
Industry Standard Connectors
PCB Connectors
PCB Sockets
Circular Connectors
EMC Shielding
Cable Assemblies
Spring Loaded Contacts
PCB Hardware

Harwin's History

1952-Harwin Engineers founded in London

Founded as a dedicated turning facility for the de Laszlo company group, by Patrick de Laszlo

1958-Manufacturing commences at Portsmouth

Harwin relocates to the South Coast of the UK

1963-Harwin moves into new purpose-built factory

The current site at Fitzberbert Road, Farlington, is established

2002-Harwin celebrates 50 years

Celebrations are held on Southsea Common with participation in the Lord Mayor's Parade

2014-£500k investment emphasizes Harwin’s commitment to UK manufacture

2017-Hi-Rel connector manufacturer Harwin demonstrates quality commitment to aerospace industry; awarded EN 9100/AS9100C accreditation.

Harwin is product portfolio consists of Connectors, battery holders, cable clamps, crimpers, fuse holders, splitters, terminals, etc..


Medical Electronics / Instrumentation / Communication / Network / Transportation / Automotive / Industrial / Automation / Military / Defense


  • Größe: 77 Kb Veröffentlichungszeit: 2020-03-09
    For the past decade, satellite design has been an important discipline at the faculty of Aerospace Engineering at the Delft Univeity of Technology in the Netherlands, and a team of students and graduates is currently only months away from witnessing the launch of the fit satellite to be designed and manufactured at the univeity. Size and weight are critical, but just as important is the requirement for ultra-reliable signal trafer. So when searching for connecto that would withstand the rigou of a space mission, the team turned to high-rel interconnect maker, Harwin. Delfi-C3 is the fit nano satellite student project from the faculty of Aerospace Engineering faculty in Delft. It is based on the CubeSat concept and a number of experiments will be carried on board the satellite. Dutch Space approached the Univeity to discuss the possibility of testing a new type of thin film solar cell in the space environment. The Dutch research ititute TNO Science and Industry also is experimenting with an autonomous Sun Seor using a wireless link for data trafer, and a third new technology to be tested during the Delfi-C3 mission is an advanced, high-efficiency traceiver designed for application in pico and nano satellites.
  • Größe: 42 Kb Veröffentlichungszeit: 2020-03-09
    Harwin was invited to review several applicatio required by AEA Technology Battery Systems Ltd (ABSl), an Intelligent Battery and Charger Solutio manufacturer, for inclusion into a major contract bid for a UK Ministry of Defee project. The application coisted of a number of interconnection products for use within a military communicatio system battery pack.

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