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Power Integrations, Inc
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Manufacturer Introduction

Power Integrations was founded in 1988. Its headquarters were located in  Silicon Valley, USA. Power Integrations, Inc. is a provider of high-performance electronic components for high voltage power conversion systems.

Power Integrations, Inc. is the leading supplier of high-voltage analog integrated circuits for the power conversion marketplace. Power Integrations' breakthrough silicon technology enables compact, lightweight, cost-effective power supplies for a wide range of AC-DC and DC-DC applications, including consumer electronics, communications devices, and industrial applications. The number of its employees is 400. Power Integrations is the leading supplier of high-voltage analog integrated circuits for energy-efficient power conversion.

Power Integrations' integrated circuits and diodes help design a compact, energy-efficient AC-DC power supply for a wide range of electronic products, including televisions, PCs, home appliances, smart meters and LED lights. Our SCALETM IGBT drivers improve the efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of high-power applications in industrial motors, solar and wind systems, electric vehicles, and HVDC. Since in 1998, Power Integrations' EcoSmart? energy-saving technology has saved billions of dollars in energy consumption and avoided millions of tons of carbon emissions. Due to the environmental impact of our products, Power Integrations' stock has been placed under the environmental technology stock index sponsored by Cleantech Group LLC and Clean Edge. 

Product Series:

Power Integrations' power conversion ICs provide reliable, efficient, and low-cost power solutions for a wide range of AC-DC applications. Our ICs can be designed to power from a fraction of a watt to more than 600 watts.
Gate driver
All of Power Integrations' gate drive products feature leading-edge technology with powerful features, high quality, high reliability and best value for money.
motor driver
Power Integrations introduces BridgeSwitch's integrated half-bridge circuit (IHB) family of motor driver ICs that enable inverter conversion efficiency of 98.5% in brushless DC (BLDC) motor driver applications up to 300 W for a variety of motors Drive applications provide a reliable, efficient power solution.
Power Integrations has introduced a family of highly integrated high power constant current LED driver ICs for LED applications requiring high voltage, low voltage and isolated or non-isolated power supplies from 85 VAC to 277 VAC universal input line voltage. Topologies include: buck, buck-boost, tap buck, boost, flyback, and resonant (LLC).

Power is product portfolio consists of Power Management: AC/DC Converter, DC/DC Converter, Switching Controller, Switching Regulator, LED Lighting Driver, Gate Driver.


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