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Kondensatoren There are all sorts of capacitor types out there, each with certain features and drawbacks which make it better for some applications than others. When deciding on capacitor types there are a handful of factors to consider:Size,Maximum voltage,Leakage current,Equivalent series resistance (ESR),Tolerance. Capacitors are passive two-terminal electrical components used to store energy in an electric field. All the capacitors at least include two electrical conductors separated by a dielectric (insulator). The common types include ceramic capacitors, supercapacitors, glass and mica capacitors, electrolytic capacitors. Capacitors are widely used in electronic and electrical systems. The typical applications include energy storage, pulsed power and weapons, power conditioning and coupling, motor starters, signal processing and sensing. Jotrin offers stock, pricing,datasheets for Capacitor. To know more, Please view our selection of Capacitor below.
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  • BGA715L7
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    Hersteller: INFINEON

    Verpackung/Behälter: TLSP-7

  • GPS LNA; Package: PG-TSLP-7; Gain (typ): 20.0 dB; F (typ): 0.75 dB; P-1dB (in): -15.5; I (typ): 3.3 mA; Frequency Hz: 1575 MHz
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