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Counter ICs


A Counter IC is an integrated circuit (IC) that can count externally input clock pulses. Counter ICs detect changes in logic level at an input, usually called clock or clock input, and generate a specific output depending on the number of these events. The output simply means that the output pins are LOW or HIGH, which can then be evaluated accordingly. Counters are digital circuits that can be used to count events, the pulse of a signal. Counters in digital electronics are used in various digital applications such as digital clocks, time measurement, and frequency measurement. Jotrin offers inventory, pricing, and datasheets for various Counter IC models, such as the renowned Counter IC 4017 (e.g., cd4017be), cd4060cd4026be, sn74ls90n, etc. Jotrin Electronics provides all types of counter ICs, including Binary Counters (e.g., IC 7493), Up/Down Counters (e.g., IC 74193), Synchronous 4-bit Counters, 4-Bit Binary Counter, etc. One popular type of Counter IC is the decade counter, which is designed to count up to ten pulses. You can purchase high-quality Counter ICs at Jotirn from top manufacturers in the world, such as Texas Instruments, Nexperia, Onsemi, and Toshiba.

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