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Power Management ICs

Power Management-ICs Power management integrated circuits (power management ICs or PMICs or PMU as unit) are integrated circuits (or a system block in a system-on-a-chip device) for managing power requirements of the host system.power management ICs Power management ICs are solid state devices that control the flow and direction of electrical power. Many electrical devices have multiple internal voltages and sources of external power, meaning that the power design of the device has multiple requirements for operation. A PMIC can refer to any chip that is an individual power related function, but generally refer to ICs that incorporate more than one function such as different power conversions and power controls such as voltage supervision and undervoltage protection. By incorporating these functions into one IC, a number of improvements to the overall design can be made such as better conversion efficiency, smaller solution size and better heat dissipation. Power Management ICs manufacturers including NXP, Cypress Semiconductor,TI,ST,Dialog Semiconductor, Maxim etc. Power management ICs are available at Jotirn.You can view stock,price,package,datasheet for specific Power Management ICs models.Some product model list are below.
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