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Widerstandsnetzwerke und Arrays Resistor networks also known as resistor arrays feature multiple resistors connected together in a circuit pattern. They primarily act as a voltage divider, which split the voltage in a circuit to smaller amounts. Resistor networks and arrays are a useful item in the design engineer's component kit. Arrays are simply a subset of networks, in which all elements have the same ohmic value. The network is especially beneficial when the design needs multiple pull-up, line-termination, or gain-setting resistors.
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  • 4816P-3-221/331LF
  • 4816P-3-221/331LF

    Hersteller: BOURNS

    Verpackung/Behälter: SOIC-16

  • Thick Film Resistor Network; Series:4800P; Resistance:220ohm; Resistance Tolerance:+/- 2%; Power Rating:1.28W; Operating Temperature Range:-55 C to +125 C; Resistor Element Material:Thick Film; Voltage Rating:50VDC RoHS Compliant: Yes,Resistor Networks & Arrays THCK FILM 220/330ohm 2% SMD MED BODY
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