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3M demonstrated extended fiber optic connector system to reduce dust sensitivity

Updatezeit: 2019-12-20 11:21:56

3M used the OFC 2019 in San Diego earlier this month to demonstrate its extended fiber optic connector system.The extended beam optical core USES contactless optical coupling, combined with the connector design, to reduce sensitivity to dust and improve signal integrity, the company said.As a result, the design reduces the need for maintenance and cleaning.

Fiber optic connectors are available in both single-mode (1310 nm) and multimode (850 nm) versions.Single-mode version of the specified insertion loss "0.70 dB, return loss" 55 dB.Multimode peer support specified insertion loss "0.30 dB, return loss" 25 dB.The connector system can accommodate 12 to 192 optical fibers.

The connector system is designed with low component number and hermaphroditic component geometry, and can withstand repeated mating through LC latch.According to 3M, the connector should meet the requirements for multi-link data center applications.Dr Nick Stacey, global laboratory manager at 3M, said the connectors are particularly popular for applications where cleaning and maintenance is difficult, such as onboard optical systems.

3M Company's full name Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing, founded in 1902, is headquartered in the United States, is a world-renowned multinational company with diversified products, and is also an internationally recognized pioneer in research and development. 3M produces tens of thousands of innovative products and holds a leading position in core markets such as medical products, highway safety, office culture and education products, and optical products. 3M's success is based on the development and interactive use of multiple superior technology platforms to meet the needs of customers in a wide range of market segments in the real world. 3M is committed to providing a more convenient and better lifestyle for people around the world.

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