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Amphenol LTW’s M12 Series X-Coding for Gigabit Ethernet

Updatezeit: 2019-12-20 14:04:46


Amphenol LTW’s M12 Series X-Coding for Gigabit Ethernet

Amphenol LTW‘s M12 X-code connector is suitable for 1~10 Gigabit Ethernet applications.

The connector’s superior signal integrity is achieved by isolating the four signal pairs with a crossshaped shield – X-coding. And with its complete 360 shielding, the connector reaches optimal signal performance categorized to Cat5e and up to Cat6A.

Compliant to IEC 61076-2-109, this M12 X-coding ensures industry wide connector compatibility. And it is ideal for wet and harsh environments or to any rugged product setting owing to its vibration-proof, corrosion resistant, and IPX7-rated waterproof capabilities.

At the moment Amphenol LTW is growing this M12 X-coding series to deliver another wide-ranging product family for your total system solutions.


Mechanical Characteristics
Operating temperature -40 °C ~ +85°C
Termination style THT
Mating cycle 100
Vibration 10 ~ 55 Hz and 0.35 mm
Waterproof Rating IPX7 (Mated & Locked Condition)
Mating recommended tightening torque 3~4 / 0.29~0.39 N.m
Materials & Finishes
Contact carrier PA66
Contacts Copper Alloy
Contact plating Gold Plated
O-ring Silicon
Electrical Characteristics
Current rating @40°C 0.5A
Voltage rating 48V
Contact resistance <5mΩ

About Amphenol LTW

Amphenol LTW has actively devoted to various outdoor and industrial applications by successfully developing high-end waterproof connectors to meet strict requirements; also has many worldwide patents and certification such as ISO 14001. ISO 9001 and NMEA 2000…etc.. Now Amphenol LTW is not merely a supplier of waterproof connectors but also a solution provider in diversified market segments.

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