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Certified NFC Forum Type 5 Chips from STMicroelectronics,more smaller,more convenient,more safer

Updatezeit: 2019-12-20 11:43:05

Certified NFC Forum Type 5 Chips from STMicroelectronics,more smaller,more convenient,more safer

The newest press about Certified NFC Forum Type 5 Chips from STMicroelectronics:

Certified NFC Forum Type 5 Chips from STMicroelectronics Bring Tamper-Detect Capability to Smaller, More Convenient Tags

Geneva, June 21, 2018 --STMicroelectronics’ ST25TV Type 5 NFC tag ICs  combines the convenience of nearby ISO 15693 standard with the strong advantages of tamper detection, as well as strong clone protection, data protection and user privacy functions.Comparing with the ISO 14443 tag, the ISO 15693 tag can benefit from smaller antennas and longer, more reliable data exchanges.As the only ISO 15693 IC with tamper detection, the ST25TV makes tags for applications like tamper-proof packaging and electronic article surveillance safer, smaller, easier to install, and easier to read. Capable of interacting with smartphones or RFID readers, it is equally suited to consumer or professional use.

ST’s new certified NFC-Forum chip is suitable for cloud-management based brand protection, product authentication, and anti-counterfeiting applications using NFC smartphones in sectors such as luxury goods, pharmaceuticals, and other high-value products. Other features in addition to tamper detection protect contactless use cases throughout retail, smart industry, logistics, and digital living, including physical-web applications like smart posters, asset tracking, access control, identity authentication, and gaming.

Each ST25TV IC has an individual 64-bit device identifier and comes digitally signed using ST’s TruST25™ methodology to prove origin and prevent cloning. User memory is read/write password protected with up to 64-bits encryption and block-level write locks. There are also Kill and Untraceable modes with passwords and data/configuration locks to protect consumer privacy.

The description of ST25TV series NFC tags

ST25TV ICs supports all ISO/IEC 15693 modulation, coding, subcarrier mode and data rate, and allows multifunctional block read/write mode with fast read access at up to 53 Kbit/s.Two EEPROM density options are available.The 512-bit ST25TV512 and 2-kbit ST25TV02K allow configurable memory allocation, provide a minimum lifetime of 100,000 write cycles, and ensure 60 years of data are persistent and durable.

The ST25TV series supports NFC Forum Type 5 tags and complies with industrial ISO/IEC 15693 RFID specifications. It enables all NFC tag use cases such as smart poster (URL), wireless pairing, NFC business card (vCard) and all other NDEF formats (email, SMS, phone call, geo-localization, etc.). Moreover, ST25TV tags can be used for brand protection and tamper detection in different application fields such as wine & spirits, pharmaceuticals and luxury items. They can also be used for product identification, logistics and traceability applications with a long-range HF RFID reader infrastructure. This combination of improved asset-tracking capabilities and enhanced consumer engagement establishes a unique value proposition for the ST25TV tag series. It gives a digital life to everyday consumer goods.

The series offers a variety of differentiating features and options:
.TruST25™ digital signature
.Tamper detection
.Multi-password protection
.Electronic article surveillance 

.Kill and Privacy modes 

The market information

The ST25TV512 and ST25TV02K are available as 75-micron or 120-micron sawn and bumped wafer, or in 1.7mm x 1.4mm 5-lead UFDFPN5, priced from $0.10 for orders of 1000 pieces. Selected configurations are in volume production, and the full range of package and memory options will be available by mid-2018.
Total Parts for ST25TV series NFC tags
ST25TV512 ST25TV02K ST25TV64K

About STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics is a world leader in providing the semiconductor solutions that make a positive contribution to people’s lives, today and into the future.
Among the world’s largest semiconductor companies
A leading Integrated Device Manufacturer delivering solutions that are key to Smart Driving and the Internet of Things
A leading technology innovator: ~7,400 people working in R&D, ~17,000 patents,  ~ 9,500 patent families and ~ 500 new patent filings in 2017
An unwavering commitment to sustainability
Corporate Headquarters: Geneva, Switzerlan
Public since 1994: shares traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: STM), Euronext Paris, and Borsa Italiana
Created as SGS-THOMSON Microelectronics in June 1987, from merger of SGS Microelettronica (Italy) and Thomson Semiconducteurs (France)

The related description of STMicroelectronics' NFC Forum

STMicroelectronics' NFC Forum Type 4 Tag IC (ST25TA), Type 5 Dynamic Tag IC (ST25DV) and Type 5 Tag IC (ST25TV) are the first tag chips in the industry to successfully pass the NFC Forum's September 20 certification program. According to the NFC Forum, the certification program provides guarantees for the performance and interoperability of NFC devices, ensuring that users get a "consistent performance, attractive applications, and interconnected" experience.

what is the The NFC Forum Certification program

The NFC Forum Certification program was previously only used for mobile phones, tablets, and other NFC-enabled devices. Now the program also provides tag and reader conformance testing services to accelerate NFC adoption and reduce R&D costs. Both businesses and consumers will benefit from direct access to websites, wireless pairings, fixed-format e-mail or text messaging, data logging, or firmware updates.
Benoit Rodrigues, general manager of STMicroelectronics' Memory Products Division, said: "The widespread acceptance of NFC technology by smartphone manufacturers and mobile device companies, as well as the NFC Forum's interoperability certification, mark the moment when consumers and companies adopt NFC technology. We are very excited about this. The fast certification of ST25 tags and dynamic tags helps customers to speed up the product development cycle and ultimately increase transaction convenience and efficiency for consumers and businesses."


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