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Harwin C90 Circular Connectors

Veröffentlichte Zeit: 2019-12-19 22:51:17

Harwin C90 Circular Connectors

The Harwin C90 Circular Connectors are a new design based on the existing M90 series with improved form, function, and price point. With ease in handling, the C90 connectors are rugged, but light weight with a sleek, Zinc black Chromate coating on the connector housing. Harwin's new C90 series of Circular Connectors are ideal for those applications which require a RoHS Compliant commercial equivalent for MIL-DTL-5015 (MIL-C-5015) connectors.

Harwin has been manufacturing interconnect devices and board-level hardware for more than 50 years. Interconnect products include Harwin's high-reliability Datamate family and a variety of industry-standard interconnect solutions. The 2 mm pitch Datamate series is known for its connection reliability under severe shock and vibration conditions. Harwin also specializes in the manufacture of board-level hardware. The main products include a full range of metric gaskets and EZ Boardware product lines, which offer SMT RFI shield clamps, surface mount test points and solderable board cable clamps. With Harwin's innovative board-level solutions and global support network, design will be a breeze.


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