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Harwin L-Tek High Reliability Datamate Connectors

Veröffentlichte Zeit: 2019-12-19 22:51:15

Harwin L-Tek High Reliability Datamate Connectors

Harwin's High Reliability 2mm pitch Datamate L‐Tek Connectors are well suited for use in environments where high vibration, shock, and extremes of temperature are a consideration. Datamate connectors offer 4 finger beryllium copper contacts with a proven history in high‐end industrial and Mil/Aero applications. These contacts are rated for 3 amps per contact. The housing for Datamate contacts utilize Beryllium Copper Latching Technology. Latching options include locking latches, friction latches or no latch. Datamate provides maximum design flexibility.

Harwin has been manufacturing interconnect devices and board-level hardware for more than 50 years. Interconnect products include Harwin's high-reliability Datamate family and a variety of industry-standard interconnect solutions. The 2 mm pitch Datamate series is known for its connection reliability under severe shock and vibration conditions. Harwin also specializes in the manufacture of board-level hardware. The main products include a full range of metric gaskets and EZ Boardware product lines, which offer SMT RFI shield clamps, surface mount test points and solderable board cable clamps. With Harwin's innovative board-level solutions and global support network, design will be a breeze.


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