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Honeywell has launched wearable internet-connected scanners

Updatezeit: 2019-12-20 10:28:09

Honeywell is rolling out its new smart Wearable device, the 8680i Wearable mini-mobile.This small, high-performance, hands-free wireless device improves the efficiency and productivity of scanning intensive tasks. By eliminating the need for a supply chain employee to repeatedly pick up a handheld scanner and scan an item before putting it down, each item can be scanned for about five seconds faster.

According to the report, Stan Zywicki, general manager of scanning and printing for Honeywell's productivity products business, said that to cope with the pressure of quickly and accurately fulfilling orders, the logistics center needs to simplify its high-volume workflow and provide employees with ergonomic data acquisition solutions.The 8680i is a mini mobile device that comes online at any time, enabling hands-free operations where employees need to complete tasks without the need for handheld devices.

The 8680i is wi-fi enabled, lightweight and wearable, providing workers with a dual-button interface and a clear display of information, such as battery status and scan results.Provides customizable workflow instructions on a user-facing display through an API and wi-fi connection.Employees can use the ergonomic device to simplify their work by replacing the need for scanners and mobile computers.

The 8680i enables warehouses and logistics centers to improve speed and accuracy by streamlining mass workflow.Zywicki says ergonomic designs and comfort levels are important for logistics center employees.To ensure the safety and health of employees, Honeywell designs scanners that are 17% lighter than their competitors' wearable solutions.

The bluetooth version of the 8680i can also be used as a simple ergonomic scanner and can be paired with other devices to support more complex workflows.Honeywell security and productivity solutions (SPS) provides products, software and networking solutions to improve productivity, workplace security and asset performance for customers worldwide.The 8680i is expected to be an asset to the high speed working environment company.

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