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Startseite > Technologie-Liste > Intel releases new generation to strong d-1600 series processors

Intel releases new generation to strong d-1600 series processors

Updatezeit: 2019-12-20 12:28:03

In addition to the second generation of scale-to-power, Intel today announced a new generation of d-1600 series processors, with a highly integrated SoC for power-hungry, space-constrained, but single-core intensive computing environments.

Xeon d-1600 series development code Hewitt Lake supports Intel QuickAssist technology, Intel virtualization technology, and enhanced hardware security for virtual network capabilities (VNF).

The flagship model is d-1653n. The main frequency is 2.8-3.2ghz. The third-level cache is 12MB.

There are two types of core 6: d-1637 2.9-3.2ghz /9MB/55W, d-1633n 2.5-3.2ghz /9MB/45W.

There are three core models: d-1627 2.9-3.2ghz /6MB/45W, d-1623n 2.4-3.2ghz /6MB/35W, d-1622 2.6-3.2ghzmb /40W.

There is also a dual-core d-1602 2.5-3.2GHz/3MB/27W.

Intel claims that the zhiqiang d-1600 series can increase the integer throughput by more than 1.29 times, network packet forwarding performance by more than 1.2 times, storage read/write throughput by up to 1.4 times, and storage latency by up to 2.7 times.

Xeon d-1600 series is now on the market, relevant systems will also be introduced.

Intel Corporation is the world's largest semiconductor chip maker. Intel has been committed to the development of small, fast and energy-saving technologies to help mobile computing, desktop computin and data centers to achieve revolutionary advances in computing, and to promote fundamental changes in the industry.

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