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Intel Unite? cloud services make it easier for organizations of all sizes to deploy and manage

Updatezeit: 2019-12-20 14:50:49

Intel has launched the Intel Unite® cloud service, which enables organizations of all sizes, from large enterprises to small businesses, to choose from the deployment and management of Intel Unite solutions. Customers can now choose whether to deploy internally or host Intel's Unite® solution in the cloud to modernize their collaboration environment.

Jason Goecke, vice President and general manager of Intel Unite, Intel's customer computing division, said, "Intel Unite is uniquely positioned to unify the enterprise collaboration experience by providing a common, relaxed user experience in every collaboration space.The new Intel Unite cloud service enables organizations of all sizes to realize our collaborative vision so that they have flexibility, convenience, and variety of options when deploying Intel Unite solutions, whether in the cloud or in-house."



Inefficient meetings are one of the biggest time wasters in today's modern workplace, with 71 percent of senior managers reporting that meetings are inefficient or even ineffective. As companies of all sizes move to cloud computing to increase flexibility, efficiency, and overall cost effectiveness, they are also looking for ways to make meetings more efficient.According to an internal study by Intel, it is estimated that small businesses run nearly a quarter of all applications in cloud-based environments, while communication/collaboration applications have been and are expected to remain one of the most popular cloud-based applications.

To give businesses more choice, convenience, and flexibility, Intel now offers Intel Unite solutions in the cloud and internally deployed.The new Intel Unite cloud service provides the same functionality that an enterprise can expect from an internal deployment: secure sharing of wireless content with meeting rooms, remote users, and visitors.However, this capability is now deployed in the cloud, minimizing infrastructure costs and IT overhead by eliminating the time and resources required to manage the internal deployment of the PIN server.

Why it's different

Intel's Unite solution helps modernize meeting Spaces.The low maintenance manageability of Intel Unite® solutions gives the information technology (IT) team the flexibility to focus on other technology priorities.By improving meetings, the potential cost and resource savings can help the entire organization and increase employee productivity.Today, nearly 1 million devices based on Intel Unite® solutions are in use worldwide.

Intel commissioned Forrester Consulting* to conduct a total economic impact ™ (TEI) study and investigate the potential return on investment (ROI) that companies can achieve by deploying Intel's Unite solution.Forrester surveyed four organizations representing a variety of industries and created composite models for analysis based on the characteristics of the four surveyed organizations.Through composite organization, the new Forrester study found that the Intel Unite® solution can easily connect meetings and switch presenters, reducing interruption times by 15% compared to traditional solutions.The same study found that features such as multi-screen sharing, remote access from anywhere, and seamless plug-in integration can help meetings be 5% more efficient than traditional solutions.Using the Intel Unite® solution, businesses can increase meeting efficiency, reduce downtime, and eliminate the need to install and maintain old cables and adapters.Forrester found that the synthetic organization had a three-year revenue of up to $743,000, a cost of less than $130,000, and a 470% ROI.The savings assume an American company with 10, 000 employees, $1 billion in annual revenue and 10 branches.

Intel Unite® solutions are built on the Intel ® borui ™ platform with built-in security, stability and manageability features.With advanced telemetry, IT and facility management departments also have access to a wide range of data sets, from conference room hardware and connectivity to conference room usage. Intel Unite® is designed to work seamlessly with major unified communications solutions such as Skype for Business*, Cisco WebEx*, and ZOOM*, enabling organizations to have a similar room experience within their collaborative Spaces. And with new cloud-based hosting options, businesses of all sizes have the flexibility, convenience, and option to deploy Intel Unite® solutions.

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