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Mitsubishi TFT LCD Design Accelerator Kits

Updatezeit: 2019-12-19 23:18:26

Mitsubishi TFT LCD Design Accelerator Kits

Mitsubishi offers TFT LCD Design Accelerator Kits to cover the most popular resolutions, including XGA, SVGA, VGA, WXGA, and WVGA in either an LVDS or CMOS interface. The kits include everything you need to quickly build and demo your TFT LCD design. The Mitsubishi TFT LCD Design Accelerator Kits include a video controller, signal converter, LED backlight drivers, AC power adapter, cables, and more.

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Mitsubishi Electric has adopted “Changes for the Better” as a corporate statement to express their commitment to creating better products. Mitsubishi’s LED technology is unique, producing the world’s first large-scale LED screen for sports arenas and the world’s largest CRT television screen. The Mitsubishi TFT-LCD product line features LED backlighting and many include CMOS and LVDS interfaces or touch panel screens. LC modes include TN and IPS technology. The TFT-LCD’s are available in VGA, SVGA, WVGA, and QVGA, among others.

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