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PoE+ modules enable 16 Ethernet ports/switch

Updatezeit: 2019-12-19 00:00:01

PoE+ modules enable 16 Ethernet ports/switch

The NP317 fan-free Hirschmann PoE/PoE-Plus modules target the company’s MACH100 workgroup series switches. Two modules can be used with each MACH100 switch for a total availability of 16 ports/switch, and can be operated simultaneously to provide up to 120-W power. They offer eight fast Ethernet ports (10/100BASE-TX), provide 15.4-W (PoE) or 30-W (PoE-Plus) operation, with PoE Plus functionality available to four of the eight ports. The PoE Plus ports can power devices with higher power requirements such as IP pan-tilt-zoom cameras, voice over IP videophones, or multiband WLAN access points.

The PoE modules feature LEDs at each port to signal PoE or PoE Plus operation. The 48-Vdc (PoE) or 52-Vdc (PoE Plus) power is secured through an external power supply connected via twisted pairs to its three-pin terminal block. These hot-swappable modules are shielded against 4-kV contact discharge and 8-kV air discharge, magnetic fields, and RFI. Network management software and a web interface are available to facilitate configuration and diagnostics. (Contact 719-217-2299 for price and availability.)

Belden is one of the largest U.S.-based manufacturers of high-speed electronic cables and focuses on products for the specialty electronics and data networking markets.


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