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Provide four times faster transmission speeds than standard wireless

Updatezeit: 2020-02-29 17:52:53

Valencia, SPAIN – 9th September, 2008 – DS2, the leading technology innovator and global supplier of high-speed powerline communications technology, has developed major new features for its 200Mbps powerline communications chipsets to enable four times faster transmission speeds than standard wireless networks. It will showcase how these new upgrades support commercial IPTV services and provide 99 per cent home network coverage at this year’s IBC event in Amsterdam, September 12th-15th.

At the show, DS2 will also demonstrate some of the benefits that service providers, such as BT, Portugal Telecom and Telefónica are able to offer their customers thanks to DS2 technology. These include affordable IPTV services that are fully installable by the consumer in less than an hour. DS2’s powerline adapters plug directly into existing electrical wiring, eliminating installation calls and truck roll costs for service providers – savings that are also achieved by the customer.

“Choosing the right technology that enables fully-interoperable IPTV home networks is the final frontier for service providers,” comments Victor Dominguez, VP Sales at DS2. “To win and maintain customers, service providers must ensure that the IPTV service is delivered to all terminal devices in the home, which now include telephones, gateways, TV sets, set-top boxes, whole-home DVRs, gaming consoles, and PCs.

“We believe that it is important that service and Internet providers meet the growing bandwidth requirements. DS2 is addressing this through fully backward interoperable 3rd generation powerline technology that will provide throughput speeds of 400Mbps,” concludes Victor Dominguez.

At IBC 2008, DS2 will also demonstrate full interoperability between its various powerline chipset technologies, including its 100 Mbps Montgó chipset for audio and Internet application and its 200Mbps Aitana chipset for multimedia applications.

Key new features of DS2’s 200Mbps Powerline Communications chipsets that it will exhibit at the show are:

Automatic multi-cast capabilities that enable efficient management of simultaneous IPTV video channels

On-chip support for a suite of DSL Forum standards, known as TR069, to support remote network management,

Complete LLTD protocol integration with Windows Vista users.

About DS2

DS2 is the leading technology innovator and a global provider of high-speed semiconductor solutions for Powerline Communications and other wire-line network communications products. Led by a very strong team of former executives from IBM, AT&T/Bell-Labs, INTEL, Philips Semiconductors, France Telecom, Ericsson and Cisco we deliver state-of-the-art ICs and software solutions to manufacturers of consumer electronics, home networking and digital entertainment equipment and broadband access products. DS2 invented high-speed Powerline Communications delivering the first 200 Mbps Powerline Communications IC to enable quality multimedia home networking, networked entertainment and broadband access applications to and throughout the home, office, or building, and to and throughout urban and rural communities. Enabling the hidden multimedia network behind the power outlet is the purpose of DS2. Our mission is to connect the Planet.

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