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PT2399 Digital Delay IC Datasheet, Features, Alternative & Applications

Updatezeit: 2024-04-23 15:37:40


Digital delay plays a crucial role in audio processing by adding depth and spaciousness to sound. It allows musicians and audio engineers to create unique effects that enhance the overall quality of audio output. The PT2399, with its user-friendly features and high-quality delay effects, has become a popular choice among DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike for adding depth and character to audio signals. In this article, we'll discuss the PT2399 features, pinout, datasheet, alternatives, and applications. Everything you need to know about this digital delay IC.

What is PT2399?

The PT2399 is a delay chip that integrates a small DSP with memory, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, and a clock for managing delay time. It serves as an echo audio processor IC utilizing CMOS technology, equipped with ADC and DAC, high sampling frequency, and an internal memory of 44K. Digital processing is employed to generate the delay time. It also includes an internal VCO circuit in the system clock, allowing for easy frequency adjustment.

A high sample rate ADC converts analog data into a bitstream, which is then stored in internal 44Kbit RAM. Following processing, the bitstream is demodulated by DAC and low-pass filter. The internal VCO clock frequency dictates the overall delay duration, and users can easily modify the VCO frequency by adjusting external resistance. The PT2399 boasts very low distortion (THD < 0.5%) and minimal noise (No < -90dBV), ensuring high-quality audio output.

The pin assignments and application circuit are optimized for easy PCB layout and cost-saving benefits.

Features of PT2399

  • CMOS Technology: Built using CMOS technology, the PT2399 provides efficient operation and low power consumption.

  • Least External Components: It requires minimal external components, simplifying circuit design and reducing component count.

  • Auto-reset Function to Prevent POP Noise: The IC includes an auto-reset function that helps prevent pop noise during operation, enhancing audio quality.

  • Low Noise: It boasts low noise performance, with a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) better than 90dB (typical), ensuring clear audio output.

  • Low Distortion: The PT2399 delivers low-distortion audio signals, with total harmonic distortion (THD) as low as 0.5% (typical), providing high-fidelity sound reproduction.

  • ADC and DAC: The PT2399 integrates both analog-to-digital conversion (ADC) and digital-to-analog conversion (DAC) functions, allowing for seamless audio signal processing.

  • High Sampling Frequency: The PT2399 can accurately capture and reproduce audio signals with high fidelity thanks to its high sampling frequency.

  • 44K Internal Memory: The IC boasts a generous 44K internal memory, providing ample storage capacity for audio data.

  • Internal VCO Circuit: The PT2399 features an internal voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) circuit, which offers flexibility in generating variable audio effects and modulation.

  • User-adjustable VCO Clock Frequency: The IC features a voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) with a user-adjustable clock frequency, allowing for flexible audio effects manipulation.

  • Available in 16 Pins, DIP, or SO Package: It is available in a 16-pin package, offering versatility in circuit board layout and integration options.

PT2399 Pinout


Pin Description

Pin NameI/ODescriptionPin No.
VCC-Analog Supply Voltahe Input1
REF-Analog Reference Voltage (=1/2Vcc)2
AGND-Analog Ground3
DGND-Digital Ground4
CLK_OOSystem Clock Output Pin5
VCOIFrequency Adjustment Pin6
CC1-Current Control 17
CC0-Current Conrol 08
OP1-OUTOOP Amplifier 1 Output This pin can be used as Moodulated Integrator by connecting Capacitor.9
OP1-INIOP Amplifier 1 Input This pin can be used as Demodulated Integrator by connecting Capacitor.10
OP2-INIOP Amplifier 2 Input This pin can be used as Demodulated Integrator by connecting Capacitor.11
OP2-OUTOOP Amplifier 2 Output This pin can be used as a Modulated Integrator by connecting Capacitor.12
LPF2-INILow Pass Filter 2 Input Pin13
LPF2-OUTOLow Pass Filter 2 Output Pin14
LPF1-OUTOLow Pass Filter 1 Output Pin15
LPF1-INILow Pass Filter 1 Input Pin16

PT2399 CAD Model

PT2399 CAD Model.png

PT2399 Block Diagram

PT2399 Block Diagram.jpg

PT2399 Alternative

The BU9253 is a viable alternative to the PT2399, offering similar functionality and performance characteristics. It is particularly suitable for applications where the PT2399 is used, such as audio signal processing and modulation. The BU9253 is known for its reliable operation and ease of integration, making it a popular choice among electronic enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Absolute Maximum Ratings

PT2399 Absolute Maximum Ratings.png

PT2399 Power

PT2399 Input Stage

The Input Stage comprises three op-amps. Op-amps 2 and 3 are always utilized as part of the Sigma-Delta ADC circuit, leaving only the first op-amp available for other purposes. The most common application for this op-amp is as a filter/adder in a Multi-Feedback topology.

PT2399 Input Stage - echo.jpg

PT2399 Output Stage

The output stage consists of two op-amps. The first op-amp has limited functionality and is employed after the Demodulator as a low-pass filter (Anti-Aliasing Filter). The second op-amp is versatile and is commonly utilized in a Multi-Feedback op-amp filter.

PT2399 Output Stage - delay.jpg

PT2399 Application

The PT2399, a highly versatile audio processor chip, is widely used in various applications due to its ability to generate high-quality audio effects. Here's an expanded description of its applications:

Karaoke Mixer:

  • The PT2399 is commonly used in karaoke mixers to add echo and reverb effects to vocals, enhancing the overall sound quality.

  • Its simple interface and low cost make it an ideal choice for karaoke systems, providing professional-quality audio effects.

CD/DVD Player/Recorder:

  • In CD/DVD players and recorders, the PT2399 can be used to enhance audio playback with echo and reverb effects.

  • Its high signal-to-noise ratio and low distortion ensure high-quality audio output, making it suitable for multimedia applications.

Multimedia TV:

  • The PT2399 can be integrated into multimedia TVs to improve the audio experience with enhanced effects.

  • Its small size and low power consumption make it suitable for use in modern multimedia TVs, providing a richer audio experience for viewers.

Car Entertainment System:

  • In-car entertainment systems, the PT2399 can be used to add echo and reverb effects to audio playback.

  • Its compact size and easy integration make it an ideal choice for car audio systems, enhancing the in-car entertainment experience.

Music Instrument Effecter:

  • The PT2399 is commonly used in music instrument effect pedals to add echo and reverb effects to the instrument's sound.

  • Its adjustable delay time and feedback control allow musicians to customize their sound, making it a popular choice among guitarists and other musicians.

Electronics Toy:

  • The PT2399 can be used in electronic toys to add fun audio effects, such as echo and reverb, to enhance the play experience.

  • Its low cost and ease of use make it an ideal choice for adding audio effects to a wide range of electronic toys.

Video Tape Recorder:

  • In video tape recorders, the PT2399 can be used to enhance the audio playback with echo and reverb effects.

  • Its high-quality audio processing capabilities make it suitable for use in professional video production equipment.

Video Compact Disk:

  • The PT2399 can be integrated into video compact disk players to improve the audio playback with enhanced effects.

  • Its low noise and distortion ensure high-quality audio output, enhancing the overall multimedia experience.

Electronic Musical Instrument:

  • In electronic musical instruments, the PT2399 can be used to add echo and reverb effects to the instrument's sound.

  • Its flexible delay time and feedback control make it suitable for a wide range of musical applications, from synthesizers to drum machines.

Audio Equipment with Echo Processor:

  • The PT2399 can be used in audio equipment with built-in echo processors to enhance the audio playback with customizable effects.

  • Its low power consumption and high-quality audio processing make it an ideal choice for audio equipment requiring echo effects.

Pt2399 Echo Application Circuit

Pt2399 Echo Application Circuit.png

Pt2399 Surround/Delay Application Circuit

Pt2399 Surround Delay Application Circuit.png

Advantages of PT2399

Cost-effective Solution for Digital Delay Effects

The PT2399 offers a cost-effective solution for adding digital delay effects to audio circuits. It is affordable and widely available, making it a popular choice for DIY projects and commercial audio equipment.

Easy to Integrate into Audio Circuits

With its simple interface and minimal external components required, the PT2399 is easy to integrate into audio circuits. It can be easily controlled using potentiometers, switches, or microcontrollers, allowing for versatile control over delay parameters.

Provides High-quality Delay Effects

Despite its affordability, the PT2399 provides high-quality delay effects with low noise and distortion. It offers a clean and natural-sounding delay that enhances the overall audio experience.

PT2399 Package

PT2399 Package.jpg

PT2399 Manufacturer

PTC, or Positive Temperature Coefficient thermistors, are a type of electronic component that exhibits a sharp increase in resistance as temperature rises. This unique characteristic makes them ideal for applications such as overcurrent protection and temperature sensing. PTC thermistors are commonly used in automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics to protect circuits from overcurrent conditions. They are also used in temperature compensation circuits and as sensors in applications where temperature monitoring is critical. PTC thermistors offer reliable and precise temperature measurements, making them a valuable component in many electronic systems.

PT2399 Datasheet

Download PT2399 Datasheet PDF.


In summary, the PT2399 Digital Delay IC offers a cost-effective and high-quality solution for adding delay effects to audio circuits. Its ease of integration and versatile control options make it suitable for a wide range of audio applications, from guitar pedals to audio mixers. Despite its simplicity, the PT2399 delivers reliable and professional-grade delay effects, making it a popular choice among DIY enthusiasts and audio professionals alike. Overall, the PT2399 stands out for its versatility, practicality, and ability to enhance the audio experience.

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  • Is PT2399 being discontinued?
  • The PT2399 has been discontinued.

  • Is PT2399 analog or digital?
  • The PT2399 is digital.

  • What is the pin voltage of PT2399 IC?
  • The 5V power supply pin operates within a range of 4.5V minimum to 5.5V maximum.

  • What is the use of PT2399 IC?
  • The PT2399 IC has been widely employed in audio applications to produce digital delays and other modulations.

  • What is the delay time of PT2399?
  • The longest practical time is 350-400 milliseconds. If the time exceeds this, the inherent noise of the digitizing process worsens.

  • Which is better analog or digital delay pedal?
  • Analog delay provides warm, organic, slightly unpredictable repeats, making it preferable for some. Digital delay, on the other hand, offers MIDI-accurate delay with crisp, clean, and consistently precise timing down to the millisecond. Each type of delay has its own merits; the choice depends on the desired sound.

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