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ROHM introduces four new models of 1200V pressure-resistant IGBT "RGS series" for vehicle use based on aec-q101 standard.

Updatezeit: 2019-12-20 15:07:39

ROHM, headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, has introduced four new 1200V pressure-resistant IGBT "RGS series" products that support the automotive electronic product reliability standard aec-q101 ※1).This series of products are very suitable for the electric compressor ※2) inverter circuit and PTC heater ※3) switch circuit, and the conduction loss is lower ※4), reaching the industry-leading level, which is very helpful for the application of miniaturization and high efficiency.In addition, with 650V products already in mass production, this series has a total of 11 models and a rich product lineup, which can meet the diverse needs of customers.

This series of products has been temporarily started in January 2019 at the scale of 1 million monthly production of mass production (sample price of 750 yen ~ / month, excluding tax).The production base for the preliminary process is LAPIS Semiconductor Miyazaki Co., Ltd.(Japan), and the production base for the later process is ROHM Integrated Systems (Thailand).

In recent years, with the improvement of environmental awareness and soaring fuel prices, the market demand for electric vehicles is growing.For conventional vehicles with engines, the power source of the compressor is the engine. With the increase of electric vehicles, the compressor is increasingly electric, and its market size is also expanding.In addition, in the past, automotive air conditioning heating, is the use of waste heat engine operation;Now PTC heater as a heat source to warm water circulation heating system demand is also increasing.Due to the low driving frequency, IGBT is the main semiconductor used in the inverter circuit and switch circuit of these applications.Especially in electric cars, where the power consumption of the compressor and heater can affect the range, greater efficiency is needed.

On the other hand, to extend the range of electric vehicles (evs), the installed battery capacity is also increasing.In Europe, in particular, more and more cars are powered by high-voltage (800V) batteries, which require higher voltage-resistant and lower-loss power components.Therefore, in addition to 650V pressurised IGBT products, the demand for 1200V pressurised IGBT is also increasingly high.

In this context, ROHM has developed a 1200V pressure-resistant product that meets the automotive electronic product reliability standard aec-q101. Together with 650V pressure-resistant products, ROHM has formed a rich product lineup.The RGS series delivers industry-leading low conduction losses (Vce(sat.In addition, the 1200 v voltage products short-circuit tolerance does 5) time for 10 mu SEC (Tj = 25 ℃), even in high reliability of on-board fields can also be at ease use.

Characteristics of 

1. Industry-leading low conduction loss

By optimizing the device structure, the level of 1200 V voltage transmission loss (VCE (sat)) fell to 1.70 V (typ Tj = 25 ℃), the same with other company product (1200 V, 40 a product), compared to conduction loss improved about 10 ~ 15%.

Especially in the electric compressor and PTC heater, due to the low drive frequency, the degree of attention to the conduction loss is higher than the switching characteristics, RGS series excellent performance has been highly praised by customers.

2. Rich product lineup to meet diverse needs of customers

The four 1200V pressure-resistant products launched this time, together with the 650V pressure-resistant products in mass production, have a total of 11 models.The product lineup includes IGBT single product and relay diode ※6) built-in two types of products, customers can freely choose according to demand.

Definition of terms 

1) automotive electronic product reliability standard aec-q101

AEC, short for Automotive Electronics Council, is a set of reliability standards for Automotive Electronics components developed by large Automotive manufacturers in conjunction with large U.S. Electronics component manufacturers.Q101 is a standard for discrete semiconductor components (transistors, diodes, etc.).

2) electric compressor

Compressor with built-in motor.It is mainly used in air conditioning of hybrid and electric cars.

3)PTC(PosiTIve Temperature Coefficient) heater

The current flowing through the PTC element causes it to generate heat.Low temperature will flow through a large current, generating a lot of heat, with the increase in calorific value, the resistance value increases, the current is limited, thereby inhibiting calorific value.Using these properties, air and water can be heated and circulated, thus becoming a source of heat for heating.

4) conduction loss

Because of the structure of MOSFET and IGBT, the voltage drop will occur when the current flows.Conduction loss is the loss due to the voltage drop of this component.

5) short circuit tolerance

Resistance to short circuits (connecting two points of an electronic circuit with a low resistance resistor) that cause damage to components.

6) secondary diode

As the current flows through the coil, the energy is stored as a magnetic field, so a voltage is generated to maintain the field even when the switch is turned off. To prevent this, a diode is inserted in parallel with the switching element.

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