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Vishay Releases 1A and 2A Rectifiers in SMP Package

Updatezeit: 2019-12-20 17:05:03

The occupied size of 100 V and 200 V devices is 3.85mm x 2.03mm, and the height is only 1mm to save space.

Pennsylvania, MALVERN -- June 13, 2019 -- VishayIntertechnology, Inc.Vishay Semiconductors rectifier, with a contour size of 3.85mm x 2.03mm and a height of only 1 mm, can replace SMA (do-214ac) packaging devices for space savings.

The 1 A and 2 A rectifiers released today use A smaller SMP package, typically rated current equivalent to the SMA package, with A higher power density and A 24% reduction in PCB footprint.The device adopts asymmetric design, with excellent thermal performance, and large area of metal pads are conducive to heat dissipation. FRED Pt technology achieves 14 ns ultra-fast recovery time under the condition of TJ = 25 °C, Qrr reduces to 10 nC, and has soft recovery function in the whole operating temperature range from -55°C to + 175°C.

The rectifier is certified by aec-q101 with a positive voltage drop of 0.69v, which can effectively reduce power consumption and improve efficiency. It is suitable for high frequency inverters, DC/DC converters, relay diodes and power factor correction circuits in automotive engine control unit (ECU), anti-lock brake system (ABS), HID and LED lighting, telecommunication and industrial power supplies.

The moisture sensitivity level of the rectifier reaches j-std-020 standard level 1, and the highest peak value of LF is +260 °C.The device conforms to RoHS standard and is halogen free, which is very suitable for automatic patch processing and auto system automatic optical detection (AOI).

Device specification table:


The new ultra-fast recovery rectifier now provides samples and has achieved mass production. The bulk order cycle is 20 weeks.

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