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Wireless charging and NFC reference design is automotive ready

Updatezeit: 2019-12-20 22:12:03

Wireless charging and NFC reference design is automotive ready

Combining the automotive grade NFC (Near Field Communication) transceiver of Melexis with Freescale Semiconductor’s wireless charging technology enables a ready to use reference design solution that is positioned to free drivers from the dreaded low battery warning. The initial target for this reference design is automotive console applications. The stringent requirements of any electronic system deployed in the passenger compartment include EMC, RFI and EMI at a number of frequency bands and power levels. The joint reference design of Melexis and Freescale demonstrates the successful possibility to achieve a road worthy result. This design is built around the MLX90132 NFC Transceiver IC of Melexis and the MWCT1003AVLH controller IC from Freescale. The reference design:

  • Includes all the required hardware and associated software drivers to allow a fully autonomous behavior of the wireless charging subsystem, controlled via a standard compliant NCI (NFC Controller Interface).
  • Is managed on the hardware side through a careful antenna design and on the software side via dedicated control interface. 
  • Can either run in fully autonomous way or be driven by standard compliant upper NFC software stacks (e.g. NFCStack+ from Stollmann).

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Melexis manufactures and delivers advanced mixed-signal semiconductors that can detect, drive and communicate. Because our customers in the automotive and other markets are demanding product quality, operating conditions and cost targets, Melexis's ability to produce world-class, high-value innovative products is also created. Industry-leading innovations in programmable sensors, sensor interface devices, optoelectronics, RF/RFID and motor drives provide customers with a competitive advantage in system cost, functionality and flexibility.

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